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8th_House.Stellium & astro anomalies_Titanic,Valentino with GEMATRIA

My life and experiences viewed from an intercepted 8th House Stellium and the mysterious events that surround this placement along with various astro anomalies.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Psychologist and Philosophers ponder life and death

It seems to me that Astrology allows us a small window in which to view all things in their own individual Life Code. There is a time for everything to enter upon the stage of life,a time to play our role we were given or maybe we chose that part to play and then a time for departure from this stage. Beyond this I feel every living thing continues on there is no doubt in my own own knowing.

Jay Sebring

Born:Thomas John Kummer and born in Alabama on October 10, 1933 and Murdered August 9,1969 in Hollywood,Calif.

Jay Sebring and Sharon Tate had a long running love-friendship relationship.They say that he met Roma to be sure he was worthy of her.
They all met for dinner and Sebring gave his approval relunctly for Sharon to marry Roma. On the night of the murders Jay was visiting with Sharon and friends at her and Roma's rented house on Ceilo Dr. When they were interrupted by the Manson Family. Jay Sebring from my understanding was a man of small stature. I believe they said, 5'6" but none the less he gave his life in trying to protect Sharon Tate and her unborn child. "Tex" Watson had ordered everyone to lie on the floor on their stomachs."Tex" Watson was a good deal larger than Jay Sebring and bearing weapons.Sebring protested that it would be difficult for Sharon to do so. Sebring bore no arms to defend himself or Ms.Tate, yet he spoke out in her defence. For me that makes Seabring a true Hero.Tex Watson without hestation shot Sebring in the chest and the others kicked him to death on the floor.

In Jay Sebrings natal chart above we find his natal Neptune placed at 11º 14' Virgo. I have found this to be an omnious dregree in most charts bringing violent acts with a great amount of blood loss. In the chart below we have Mr.Sebring's Solar Return for 1969 and calculated for Hollywood ,Calif. There we find Mars resting on the Degree of 11ºVirgo 19" in his Solar Return 9th House. The 9th House refers to foreigners and people of a religious affiliations,deeds of virtue,friends,courts of law and devotion. If we take Jay Sebring's Solar Return chart and take Mars from that chart and place it in his natal 2nd House of future events; we find it in conjunction with his natal Neptune sitting on the same degree. Mars in conjunction with Neptune refers to places of seclusion which the house on Ceilo Dr sat far back off the road and surround by dense tree's.We have Mars which is engery and force combined with Neptune which relates to drugs,illusion,sacrifice,violence.All this brings violence to a place in seclusion.

Fixed Stars Midpoints for the Natal Chart of Jay Sebring

Jay Sebring's Natal Neptune is 11ºVirgo 19' and his 1968 Solar Return Mars's sits at 11ºVirgo14' both resting on the midpoint between the stars of
Al Hecka 23ºGem23' and Bungula 28ºSco13'

*Bungula ,according to Bulllinger bore the ancient name Toliman,meaning "Heretofore and Hereafter."
These stars give secret enemies along with violence,depravity and a wife who may die soon after marriage .When in conjunction with Mars and Neptune as they are in Jay Seabrings charts, they bring evil companions,sudden troubles of a Mars nature that being cutting,energy and violence.Combining the fixed stars with both charts we have a set ready for hidden acts of violence.

Now look at Tex Watsons Pre-Birth Eclipse chart and we find his Ecliptic Point to be 16º Cancer 52' and hidden behind Jay Sebring's
natal 12 ho.Cusp, as well as his Solar Return 8th house cusp. There we have the 8th being change/death and the 12 th House relating to seclusion,bondage and sorrows.The house where the murders took place was secluded to
which the Manson family brought acts of violence that led to the inhabitants brutal murder.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Air France Flight 447 and The Fixed Stars

Mar's by way of mutual reception is now placed on the First Degree of Aries which is a fire sign and an indicator of strong first events. This point is nearly always an indicator of a spectacular out burst of energy and being place in the third house of short journeys.
Venus is also by mutual reception and placed at 24 deg's Taurus 52' and brings Venus to rest on the Fixed Star Algol. This Fixed Star is called by the Chinese the gruesome title "Tseih She",which means the Piled-up Corpses. Both of these planets by manner of their exchange show a tragic event along with the mutual reception brings much emotional despair for the families and friends of the victims in this horrific event.
For a larger view of this chart please visit

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Within the next few days I shall be adding more of my research involving the combination of Gematria with Astrology. One needs to remember that timing is everything Thank U,MH

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kentucky Derby May 2, 2009

The race today looks good for a dual between Flying Private and General Quarters. Both horses have their natal Mercury’s conjunct transiting Uranus this aspect brings fast thinking as well the will to defend their space.

I have a feeling that Westside Bernie will be the winner due to today’s transiting Mercury is in conjunction with his natal Mars. Mental Fire can bring him to literally fly.

I am not a race enthusiast just doing a little research and thought let’s see what happens

Friday, May 1, 2009

Ancestors and Synchronicity

Please visit the following link to read the connection between ancestor's and our selves as related by C.G.Jung in his book on synchronicity. I welcome all thoughts on this subject or any on my blog.
Thank you,

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hydra rests on my rests on my 8th ho.cusp & Pre Natal Ecliptic Point

Hydra: Resting at 16.40 to 30.00 Cancer its symbol is the serpent."Gives wisdom and riches, and resists poisons.
Hydra info taken from "The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology by Vivian E.Robson, B.Sc.
I make reference to Hydra The Water Serpent
Hydra: Resting at 16.40 to 30.00 Cancer its symbol is the serpent."Gives wisdom and riches, and resists poisons.
Hydra info taken from "The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology by Vivian E.Robson,B.Sc.
This group of stars rests on my 8th house cusp as well as my Pre Natal Ecliptic Point which rests on 27◦Cancer 21’. At the age of 20 I survived a ruptured appendix which turned into peritonitis. In most cases this is a death sentence. This event occurred in the early '60s and my stay in the hospital was most of that year. I find it rather intriguing that Hydra resists poisons for that is exactly what peritonitis is. Then in the early ‘80s I encountered cancer and again during surgery the surgeon found sepsis incased in scar tissue and entwined around all my internal organs and in some cases nearly tying off potions of my intestines. They scraped this out and in the process I lost so much blood that again I nearly died. This is in itself a miracle that this surgeon was able to save my life as he had no idea what he was going to confront. While healing from this last ordeal I was not allowed from my bed and could only use my hands and eyes. This is when I began my study of astrology as there was only one book in my room at home and that was an astrology book by Ivy Jacobson. That’s where my study began into Astrology. Over the years I incorporated Gematria which is a form of numerology and then the Cabala which included information on the topic of Gematria. Over thirty years of work and research on my own I was led to incorporated C.G.Jung into this system. At this time my blog contains only a small portion of research work which I hope to be able to continue adding more as time allows.

Friday, February 6, 2009

To review all my research on astrology,gematria and the fixed stars please visit

2._R.M.S.Titanic chart calulated in Gematria with corresponding English words and sentences. The words give a detailed description of this event.

3._Fixed Stars for R.M.S. Titanic's Maiden Voyage & her passenger John Jacob Astor

4._Research on three generations of one families pre-eclipse history. To view please visit the link below.

5._Rudolph Valentino _Lunar Return just prior to his death with words extracted from that chart. These words describe his passing.,

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Abraham Lincoln death and The RMS Titanic sinking

Below is the chart for Abraham Lincoln's death

April 14,1865_ President Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth

April 15,1865 _President Lincoln died at 7:22 AM., in Washington, D.C.,

Below is the chart for the Titanic's sinking

April 14,1912_The Titanic struck an iceberg

April 15_1912_Titanic sinks at 2:27 AM in the North Atlantic with lat. 41.46 long 50.20'

The times and dates certainly are interesting and bear more than remarkable similarities. I personally find it intriguing that not only the dates are the same but the time contain the same numerical summaries. Then we have Booth hiding in the dark then darting out to shoot President Lincoln in the head. The iceberg lay hidden till the right moment to strike the hull hidden under the dark waters.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Fixed Star Draco

To read the full report on Dracp visit:

Fixed star: THUBAN
Constellation: Alpha (α) Draco
Longitude 1900: 06VIR02.
Longitude 2000: 07VIR27.
Declination 1900: +64.51'.
Declination 2000: +64.23'.
Right ascension: 14h04m.
Latitude: +66.21'.
Spectral class: A0.
Magnitude: 3.6.
The history of the star Thuban
from p.206 of Star Names, Richard Hinchley Allen, 1889.[A scanned copy can be viewed on this webpage]
Alpha (α) Draco, Thuban, is a pale yellow star in the Dragon.
Thuban and Al Tinnin are from the Arabic title for the whole of Draco, and Azhdeha from the Persian (Azhdeha is Persian for dragon or serpent).

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hydra_The Water Serpent

Hydra: Resting at 16.40 to 30.00 Cancer it's symbol is the serpent."Gives wisdom and riches,and resists poisons.
Hydra info taken from "The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology by Vivian E.Robson,B.Sc.

"Hydra is the largest modern constellation, at 1303 square degrees. Despite its size, Hydra contains only one reasonably bright star, Alphard (α Hya, 30 Hya), which is of apparent magnitude 1.98. Alphard ("the solitary one") is actually a double star. The head of the snake corresponds to the Āshleshā nakshatra, the lunar zodiacal constellation in Indian astronomy."Taken from Wikipedia"

Nakshatras and their meaing

Lets take a look at the Nakshatras they are the oldest known references to astrology from the Rig Veda, dating back some 5,000 years ago. The Vedas are religious scriptures from the seers and sages of India. The Nakshatras are rather like the zodiacal signs but more precise. Their meanings are derived from a combination of the constellations, fixed stars and the mythology behind these sections of the sky. They are rich with ruling deities or gods that reveal tales and/or myths that bring our personal charts to life filled with fruitful meaning.
The natal 8th house cusp that we're using is 28Cancer17 which = Nakshatra #9 Ashlesha. The symbol for this Nakshatra is Ashlesha ‘the embracer" resting at 16.40 to 30.00 Cancer it's symbol is the serpent,a curled up or coiled snake. The ring of stars that form the head of the Hydra (a serpent like creature) Acubens situated on the southern claw of the crab, is good for writing, study of astrology and public affairs.In mythology The serpent is the symbol of great wisdom, found in the occult sciences such as astrology or psychology. The snake has been referred to as the kundalini energy that rises through the spine in bringing spiritual enlightenment.
Now this all sounds just fine and dandy till one realizes the price of learning these infinite truths. Being on the cusp of the infamous 8th house cusp it's not such an easy task nor is it an easy path thru life. There seems to be a certain price that is extracted and if the task doesn't kill you then your on to the next trial of learning to sacrifice, usually something most dearly cherished. That's the price and there is no retreating once one has begun this journey.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

8th House of Death and Change

An eighth house stellium brings intesity into one's life especialy when that stellium is intercepted. Compact and strong with all five planets in Leo including the ruling planet the Sun. It's like being inside a boiler the heat is so strong it literally cooks a person like in Alchemy. One is driven with a passion to locate the truth of any question, especially the question about life and it's meaning. Why are we here and what's our purpose? There is the constant question of "why" ,which of course is an unanswerable question, for it's purpose is to lead one to awareness of change to all things in the material world. The higher consciouness leads us like one would lead little birds with specks of bread crumbs down the path towards truth and awareness to all the levels of being.

With Venus exactly in conjunction with Pluto and being part of this stellium one is lead down to Hades or the Underworld and there encounters the reality of life and death and the meaning of love. For love and death are connected they are different sides of the same coin. Love is the flower above ground and death the root of experiences in life that is the nurturer of our very being.

My intercepted 8th House Stellium

My photo
M.Hendrick I have been a practitioner of astrological research since the beginning of 1982; at which time I had a near death experience which changed my life in many ways, one of which was an encounter with Astrology that lead to many awakenings in my travels through life.

The past 27 years have been devoted to study and research into various religious culture's and psychology,these being Kabbalah, Gematria, C.G.Jung and their relationships to Astrology.

A small collection of my research work was published in Aspect Magazine.

A stellium is at least 3 planets in close aspect, more intense if contained within one house and one sign. This unites the engeries into one intense lazer beam which is able to extract precise layers of information from time and space. M

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