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My life and experiences viewed from an intercepted 8th House Stellium and the mysterious events that surround this placement along with various astro anomalies.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

8th House of Death and Change

An eighth house stellium brings intesity into one's life especialy when that stellium is intercepted. Compact and strong with all five planets in Leo including the ruling planet the Sun. It's like being inside a boiler the heat is so strong it literally cooks a person like in Alchemy. One is driven with a passion to locate the truth of any question, especially the question about life and it's meaning. Why are we here and what's our purpose? There is the constant question of "why" ,which of course is an unanswerable question, for it's purpose is to lead one to awareness of change to all things in the material world. The higher consciouness leads us like one would lead little birds with specks of bread crumbs down the path towards truth and awareness to all the levels of being.

With Venus exactly in conjunction with Pluto and being part of this stellium one is lead down to Hades or the Underworld and there encounters the reality of life and death and the meaning of love. For love and death are connected they are different sides of the same coin. Love is the flower above ground and death the root of experiences in life that is the nurturer of our very being.


juliedemboski said...

Hi M.

I'm interested to see where you're taking this. Will link to it, under the assumption that you have many more interesting things to say that my readers will find of benefit.

Many thanks for the link!

Julie Demboski

DonHigh said...

Hello M!
Do you have an E-mail address in order make some questions about your post and in particularly about the 8th house stellium!
If this is possible I would really appreciate that.
Thanks in advance!!

My intercepted 8th House Stellium

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A small collection of my research work was published in Aspect Magazine.

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