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My life and experiences viewed from an intercepted 8th House Stellium and the mysterious events that surround this placement along with various astro anomalies.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Visions and Dreams

The mysterious and wonderful Eight House adds a variety of experiences to ones life. First it opens the door to the personal unconscious which leads to out of body experiences and a variety of other anomalies. I say this because these happenings are totally viewed as outside of oneself. For me it started as a small child when I'd tell my mother that objects were moving of their own accord. This of course was not a welcomed message to my mother. As time passed I learned to keep such things to myself. These experience's were more than likely due to my eight house being intercepted with five planets. Of which four are personal planets and the last one the ruler of my chart Jupiter. It was quite a ride when younger and even now in my latter years it is still something that is hard to describe or except or even fully understand. WithV enus in a tight conjunction with Pluto and intercepted in the eighth house one may experience event's involving the departed who either were beloved members of the family or symbolic love figures from the past.
There have been messages given which later came to pass. I image these events were out of body as sometimes I could see myself and the stranger who would be standing next to my bed talking to me; the me in my bed across the room. Rarely did I tell anyone of these expereinces for the stigma of being called crazy.

With Leo Mercury in a prefect trine to the Sagittarius Ascendent. This brings open communication and travel with the travel being other levels of life and not just earthly or material adventures. A good deal of being taught to see various layers in life from a different perspective. If one allows this awareness to evolve there is an awareness of other ideas and view points to be intergrated in to one's own psyche. One may want to research some C.G.Jung to understand the personal shadow and the collective unconscious. So that one is able to intergrate the experiences that are visited upon them and in doing so broaden their view point.Not see through a small pin hole and think that's all there is.

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My intercepted 8th House Stellium

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M.Hendrick I have been a practitioner of astrological research since the beginning of 1982; at which time I had a near death experience which changed my life in many ways, one of which was an encounter with Astrology that lead to many awakenings in my travels through life.

The past 27 years have been devoted to study and research into various religious culture's and psychology,these being Kabbalah, Gematria, C.G.Jung and their relationships to Astrology.

A small collection of my research work was published in Aspect Magazine.

A stellium is at least 3 planets in close aspect, more intense if contained within one house and one sign. This unites the engeries into one intense lazer beam which is able to extract precise layers of information from time and space. M

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